The Art of Self
Counselling for Individuals and Couples
by Brian Emmett

Clinical Member of CAPA, ARCAP & PACFA. Reg #21342
Medibank Private Provider

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Welcome to the Art of Self Counselling Service

I offer clients a safe place to discuss and process whatever
problems or issues are currently challenging them.
I can assure you that you will be treated with
sensitivity, compassion, confidentiality & respect.

My specialty is in facilitating rapid yet significant results for my clients,
most of whom achieve their counselling goals in a few sessions.

You are welcome of course to engage in an extended therapeutic
engagement if you wish, but that is rarely necessary.

I am an experienced, skilled and qualified Counsellor,
with recognition at the highest level of practice in Australia, known
as a Clinical Psychotherapist, by the relevant
governing bodies of CAPA, PACFA & ARCAP.

I have a wealth of experience with both Couples (Relationship)
and Individual Counselling, and also Men's Work.

If you would like some insight into the (scientifically validated) best way to choose a counsellor,
please view my short video below on this topic:

"How to choose a Counsellor" - a 2 minute video by Brian Emmett

For slow internet connections choose this version:

Below are some of the benefits which you may achieve for yourself:

  • The compassion & understanding required for Couples to find each other again at the Heart.
  • A greater connection to the fullness and power that already resides in your natural self.
  • Positive and constructive belief systems about yourself in order to help you to manifest a better life.
  • An opportunity to become emotionally stronger, so that you can simply FEEL better.
  • A capacity to master habit patterns that are causing problems in your life.
  • A useful understanding of how all these elements influence each other.
  • The skill to focus your energies in order to create the kind of life that is in accord with your personal values. If you have spiritual principles or values that are the cornerstone of your life, they will be respected and can even be integrated into your counselling process if you wish.
  • The capacity to develop a much greater love and compassion for yourself (and others), by virtue of the increased self-awareness, self respect, and understanding that you have acquired.
  • A greater respect and appreciation for the personal characteristics that have brought you as far as you have come in life.
  • Greater strength and power by learning how to use masculine energy properly.

Call me to schedule either a session, or just a free 15 minute introductory meeting.
Weekday, Evening and weekend (mornings) appointments available at a
beautiful Meeting Room in Myocum (between Byron Bay and Mullumbimby),
or at Heartspace at 51 Burringbar Street in Mullumbimby



or via email me at
: email


Brian with associates Jiri, Jann and Rob (in Lismore)
(Photo- courtesy of the Echo Newspaper)

Below are a few comments from clients who have kindly offerred their
appreciation for the assistance they have received:

I want to put forth a testimonial in gratitude...Brian has supported me warmly and strongly through some of the darkest times of my life. He is an inspiring mentor, who's authenticity instilled in me immediate trust. He has a wealth of insight and professional experience that he draws upon relevantly, with the intention to empower. If you're looking at getting real with yourself and enjoying the gift of high self maintenance, introduce yourself to Brian.
James, 24 years old
Byron Shire

All I can say is that I had a sense of deep understanding on your part during the sessions, and that afterwards, I would be leaving with this very fresh and new look on my life. Thank you!
Nada L.

It is with great appreciation that I write this note. The words "thank you' could never be enough to say how much you have helped me.

~ Clinical Member of CAPA - Counsellors And Psychotherapists Association of NSW.
~ On the Clinical Register of PACFA, Reg. #21342 - the National Register of
Psychotherapists and Counsellors.
~ Medibank Private Provider: "Eligible Members may be entitled to a benefit."
~ Supervisor of Telephone Counsellors at Lifeline Counselling Centre.
~ Trained in Systemic Therapy and experienced with
individuals, couples, groups, and families.
Also using a broad range of techniques derived from
Systemic, ACT, Mindfulness, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Voice Dialog, Gestalt & others.
~ Facilitator of Men's Groups in the Shire for 6 years

INSURER: CGU Insurance Limited - Einsurance Australia Pty Ltd

If you have been a client of mine and wish to offer me feedback
about your experience, please click here for my online Feedback Form


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