The Art of Self is a compassionate, self-developmental counselling process that
assists you by incorporating the major elements of human growth
into a unified counselling experience:

Below is a fuller description of many of the aspects of the work I do, I will support you through each of these major phase of human development:

Un-Creation - the Healing of difficult patterns in your life,
Creation of a fuller balanced Life by finding your own power
Re-Creation using development techniques to enable you to build the Life you would like to work towards.
Non-creation - Mindfulness beyond new 'stories' or strategies of self-improvement

Un-Creation - Healing
~I will help you to Heal the hurt, injured, confused, or lost parts of your self.
~Understand and do what it takes to truly love yourself and others
~Get your energy back by mastering the hidden Shadow aspect of your self.

Creation - Growth
~For Men - deepen your masculine strengths, including the Sacred qualities of Masculinity, in order to transform your self & improve your intimate relationships.

~For Women - learn to hold your own in the world and in relationships, by claiming your power.

~For Couples -I will help you to heal damaged or ailing relationships as well as to developing greater interpersonal skills & authentic communications. As well as coaching the appropriate feminine and masculine arts of polarity, if necessary.

Experience has shown that even positive communications skills, heartfelt understanding and good intentions are not sufficient in themselves to insure a deeply satisfying or even a peaceful relationship. Without a well developed play of opposites of masculine and feminine character & arts, much may be left wanting in an intimate relationship.

Re-Creatorship ~ Cultivating a new Life using Vision
In our counselling sessions we incorporating modern creation techniques as discussed in "What the Bleep" and "The Secret" and elsewhere. Our personal history is unique and critical to understanding who we are and where we are going. So we must honour that truth, in order to maintain the creative tension which is at the heart of the creative/growing process. But it is also critically important not to be controlled and directed by our past if we wish to break out of old patterns and forge a brighter reality for ourselves.
To have a full life we must actively create it. It doesn't just happen to us because we are good people, or can connect to our feelings, or because we are very smart and understand a lot about life or Spirit etc.

Many of us are turned off by the deliberate ignoring or suppressing of the feeling and spiritual dimension when we hear about creating through the techniques of Mind. This is undoubtedly a healthy response and a sign of wisdom.
But creating through Vision techniques is completely compatible not only with the feeling dimension, but with our Spirituality. In fact, in order to fully incarnate our deepest purpose in life, and manifest our highest gifts to humanity, we must integrate both our feeling dimension and the Trancendent-Spiritual, with the Mental dimension's powers of Vision-Creativity. In our counselling sessions, you will have the opportunity to not only acknowledge, but to integrate these techniques with the other areas and processes which are alive in you.

Non-creation -
~Mindfulness allows the presence & influence of Source into a session.
~It also involves becoming sensitive to the manner which you as an individual activate and maintain a distance, and a felt sense of apparent separation, from Source. This is critically important in taking responsibility for our suffering, and our distance from Source, Love or God.
~For some people, even emotional fluency, affirmative 'self talk', positive Vision-Direction and human empowerment are not sufficient considerations. Since all suffering arguably results from our apparent separation from Source, some people find it useful or even necessary to acknowledge this factor as a crucial element in the counselling, as well as the growth process. This experience can also relieve us of the sense that endless "issues" must be mastered before happiness & freedom can be experienced



The 3 Things

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